Wilson Curriculum Vitae


B.A. (honors) University of California, Santa Barbara, 1964
Ph.D. Northwestern University, 1971
Major field: American history
Minor fields: England, 1558-1714; Europe since 1900
Dissertation: “Herbert Hoover and the Armed Forces:
A Study of Presidential Attitudes and Policy”

Research Assistant, University of British Columbia, 1965
Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, 1965-66
Instructor to Associate Professor, Minot (ND) State College, 1966-74
Contract historian, Federal Aviation Administration, 1974-76
Extension Professor, Prince George’s Community College, 1975
Associate Professor to Professor, MidAmerica Nazarene College, 1976-89
Professor, Southern California College/Vanguard University, 1989-Present

United States History

The Good Old Days: US 1945-1963
US Diplomatic History
US Military History
Women in American History
History of Baseball
The Vietnam War
World War II
The Cold War
US Social and Intellectual History
American Leaders
Black American History
Sport in America
Contemporary US: Since 1963

Other history
Western Civilization
World Civilization
Europe Since 1815
Europe Since 1890
French Revolution and Napoleon
People and Society (Introduction to Social Science)


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Papers Presented
‘The Role of the United States in the Growth of Canadian Autonomy, 1914-1927,” Northern Great Plains History Conference, Winnipeg, 1967.

“Presuppositions of a Christian Historian,” Conference on Faith, Learning, and Living, Point Loma College, 1984.

“Herbert Hoover’s Military Policy,” Hoover Symposium VI, George Fox College, 1987.

“Realism versus Moralism: American Policy toward Central America,” Conference on Evangelicals and American Foreign Policy, Calvin College, 1988.

Book Reviews
American Historical Review

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Fides et Historia:

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Response to Nicholas Wolterstorff and Richard Stellway,” Faculty Dialogue, winter 1984-85.

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American National Biography: Biographies of Bobby Avila, George Bamberger, Joseph Balck, Jr. (“Joe”), Buzzie Bavasi, Lew Burdette, Bobby Bonds, Lou Boudreau, Mike Cuellar, Bing Devine, Dom DiMaggio, Joe DiMaggio, Larry Doby, Peter Wyshner Gray (“Pete”), Calvin Griffith, Mel Harder, Ben Hogan, Jim “Catfish” Hunter, George Kell, Bowie Kuhn, Bob Lemon, Eddie Mathews, Dave McNally, Max Patkin, Dan Quisenberry, Pee Wee Reese, Bill Rigney, Phil Rizzuto, Robin Roberts, Enos Slaughter, Louis Sockalexis, Eddie Stanky, Willie Stargell, Birdie Tebbetts, Johnny Vander Meer, Harry Walker, Hoyt Wilhelm, Early Wynn.

Democratic candidate for ND House of Representatives, 1972
Democratic precinct committeeman, 1980-89
Member, Olathe Youth Diversion Board, 1981-83
Chairman, Olathe Covenant Church, 1982, 1983
Member, Olathe Aesthetics Committee, 1985-87
Speaker, Kansas Speakers Bureau, 1988-89
Member, Costa Mesa Cultural Arts Committee, 1990-95
Speaker, Association of Christian Schools International, 1998, 2001, 2005
Counselor, Royal Family Kids Camp (NMCC), 1999, 2000

Selected as one of 80 students from the University of California to inaugurate the UC
Education Abroad Program at the University of Bordeaux, 1962-63
Hearst Fellow, Northwestern University, 1964-65
Listed in Directory of American Scholars, Contemporary Authors, Who’s Who in the West,
Who’s Who in California, International Who’s Who, Who’s Who Among America’s
Danforth Associate, 1980-86
MidAmerica Nazarene College Teacher of the Year, 1983-84
Southern California College Teacher of the Year, 1994-95


Chair, Department of History and Political Science, MANC, 1978-89
Acting Chair, Social Science Division, MANC, 1981-83
Acting Chair, Humanities Division, MANC, 1987-89
Director, Cultural Events Series, MANC, 1981-89
Chair, Department of History and Political Science, VU/SCC, 1991-96, 1998-Present
Chair, Social Science Division, SCC, 1992-96

Other college activities:
Advisor, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Minot State, 1971-74
Faculty advisor and fullback, MANC club soccer team, 1977-82
Coach, MANC varsity soccer team, 1983-86
Sports columnist for MANC Trailblazer, SCC Forward
Member 1984 summer task force to revitalize MANC general core
Chair, SCC Athletic Committee, 1990-
Chair, SCC WASC Response Committee, 1991-92
Faculty Affairs Committee, 1998-2000
Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1997-99, 2003-05, chair 1998-99, 2010-
Chair, Core Curriculum Committee, 2000-03, 2005-11

Post-doctoral enrichment:
Participant in National Endowment for the Humanities/Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation Summer Institute on Women in American History, Princeton, 1980

Participant in National Endowment for the Humanities/Christian College Coalition Seminar on Christianity in American History, Gordon College, 1984

Joseph J. Malone Fellow, American University in Cairo, summer 1986

Witness for Peace delegate to Nicaragua, summer 1986

Conference on Faith and History
Phi Delta Lambda (Nazarene Honor Society)
Phi Alpha Theta (History Honor Society)
The Historical Society
Society for Teacher Education
Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations

Professional Activities
Historian reviewer, Prentice Hall, 1990, 1993
Reader, Advanced Placement History Exams, 1987-96
Editorial Board, Quarterly Journal of Ideology, 1992-99
Outside Reviewer, Northwestern College Summer Grant program, 2000

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